My GaRdeN HoMe

What a beautifull Roses blooming in my garden home...very nice...! Also glad to see my other flower also blooming all around..and you know what..?? my baby adenium is also growing up...

After along time..busy with my business..finally I can spend my time again to do something I like..yup just like this. But my husband a little bit jelous for roses now getting my attention..hii..hii..hi..No it's just kidding..

He just said " You can take care of those whole roses..but don't forget to take care of me.." :)

Well nice to have a time with my roses..while my husband spent his time with Soccer program on ESPN.



When Is The Right Time To Plant Your Roses?

I would like to share U this article I got from RosesGarden Team.

Just read :

It is important to the future health of your rose bush to plant it at the correct time. Always bear this in mind as the right timing is a crucial point in determining whether all your hard work will bear fruit or not.

Having said that, determining the right time to plant your roses can also be confusing. I will go over a few pointers to help take the guesswork out of the timing for planting your roses.

First let me mention that if you order your roses from suppliers it takes the guesswork out by shipping your order at the right time of year for planting in the climate zone you live in.

You can easily call and check with your suppliers what climate zone you live in. For those with websites, you can use the time finders on their site to do this. This is really easy, trust me.

When planting bare-root roses, which are roses that are in their dormant state, you will need to consider your wintertime temperatures. If your minimum temperatures during the winter drop below -10 degrees you should only plant during spring and only after the danger of a freeze has passed.

If the area you live in has minimum winter temperatures between 10 and -10 degrees, you can plant in spring and fall, again only when there is no danger of a freeze occurring.

If you live in a climate zone where the minimum winter temperatures are above 10 degrees its safe for you to plant whenever the bare-root roses are available.

But keep in mind, no matter which zone you live in, do not plant when theres a chance for extreme heat, freeze or excessively windy conditions.
All of these can cause stress that can adversely affect your plants health.
If you are planting a potted plant or transplanting a rose from one location to another the rules are a bit different.

These roses can be planted any time of the year, weather permitting. That is, as long as the ground is not frozen, theres no possibility of freeze, or no chance extreme heat, cold or wind.
Its best to plant in the spring or fall, but as I said, you can plant any time, weather permitting.
Be sure to follow the proper procedures when planting to ensure the good health of your roses. You can easily find more information on planting and transplanting roses at your suppliers websites or at your local garden center.

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