Finally..I've got Orchids @ Home

Finally...I decided to have another collection of Orchid @home. I found a nursery of Orchid next to my neighborhood in Bintaro.

This is a species of Double Delight White Phalaenopsis as I found out from

This is a species of Dendrobium...

The other..I still have to find out myself what the species is. I think right now...I really want to have many kind of Orchids. It was very interesting me and I think I start to falling in love with these kind of Beatiful flowers.



Adenium, Anthurium, Aglaonema and other unique plant

Oh ya..I almost forgot, these are my babies adenium after repotting. They grew up very fast.

See also my goldies is now blooming again...after raining season.

I have another collection this baby "Gelombang Cinta". Hope I can take care of it and see this plant grow bigger. This is the most popular plant here in Indonesia coz it's very expensive specially when it become a BIG Plant.

See this baby "Gelombang Cinta" and also "Baby Jemani" they are Anthurium species family.

A couple weeks ago my franchisee who also loves plant gave me one of her lovely plant called "Pride Of Sumatera", it was aglaonema species. She was very nice. I did very exciting having that gift from her.

See this from Ibu Tanti, my franchisee...Aglaonema "Pride of Sumatera" Thank you so much Ibu Tanti.

Here are Ibu tanti's many species Aglaonema..and very beautiful...

She has these collection of Anthurium, nice...I wish my baby Jemani & also Gelombang Cinta could be grow big like this someday... :)

My Roses @ April

I hope you're not boring to hear this blooming roses from my garden... :P
Enjoy my roses from morning until night..
I took these picture myself and I really love it.

Batik Roses in the morning...looks pretty isn't it ?

From up shoot camera in...full of sunlight...

Red Rose...I like the natural lighting from the sun on it...

My Roses...from other side angle...

Now... if you never saw the blooming roses at night, I' ll give you these picture...

My daughter Zahra also loves the roses....

Roses..roses..and roses...always....

What's up my garden @March'08

Green Home..Green World...
At least I've already started it by my garden home..:P

Yesterday my husband took me to Gumati in Gadog Puncak, a beautiful valley view cafe with natural concept in foot mountain of west Java.

I was surprised, you know what..?? I saw many new uniek plant there....then I bought 2 plants named Pacira and Angustilobum. Nice to have them home now. See..they are so pretty...

See the Pacira

See the Angustilobum

ooh ya..another thing update from my garden home are my Bunga Terompet infront of my bedroom finally blooming , my backyard roses and other flower also blooming again..

see my terompet kuning

my other roses @ backyard

my other roses @ backyard

Let me show you my other unik plant...

see unik white bolces in the leaf.

my lovely kalanchoe colorful

This is the performance of the plant when it got sunshine, but when there is no sunshine..the leaf will close next to the other like tighting their hand together.



Holland roses & 100 days my baby adenium

Here are another pictures I took from my backyard and also infront of my house. See I've got holland roses and also another uniek plant given from my mom. She have had it from someplace called Cihideung - Cimahi west Java.

Hmm..I like that one called COCORBEBEK....uniek.. :P
About my baby they're already 100 days..I have to re-potting soonest so they can grow up to be come a big adenium.