Finally..I've got Orchids @ Home

Finally...I decided to have another collection of Orchid @home. I found a nursery of Orchid next to my neighborhood in Bintaro.

This is a species of Double Delight White Phalaenopsis as I found out from

This is a species of Dendrobium...

The other..I still have to find out myself what the species is. I think right now...I really want to have many kind of Orchids. It was very interesting me and I think I start to falling in love with these kind of Beatiful flowers.




Anonymous said...

Oh those orchids are lovely! Like you!
I have some orchids that are not in bloom just now. I will feed them and hope for some pretty flowers.

Titania said...

Beautiful Orchids, Velly, I love them too!

Mother Nature said...

Beautiful orchids are my favorite plants

Charlotte said...

Your blog is beautiful! I really like the tulips.
Youre plants are very exotic for us in Norway, and some of them are sold as indoorplants. Funny.
Orchids are nice, but some of them quite challenging. I have one phaleonopsis, that has kept on blooming for 3 year now! All the others just die. I dont`t know why.

Greetings from Norway!!! And another roselover.

Ningsih said...

Blognya keren dech bu ... kebetulan aku juga suka bunga.

Anonymous said...

Hello Velly,
Hope you are fine.

I wanted to share with you that Martha is having a blog contest. Perhaps you'd like to join in!

You can read about it HEREand post a comment.
Have fun!

Fatma Desertrose said...

I love your flowers especially the orchids are very beautiful . It must cost you a lot of work, but its defenitely worth it.
Greetings to you Velly