Adenium, Anthurium, Aglaonema and other unique plant

Oh ya..I almost forgot, these are my babies adenium after repotting. They grew up very fast.

See also my goldies is now blooming again...after raining season.

I have another collection this baby "Gelombang Cinta". Hope I can take care of it and see this plant grow bigger. This is the most popular plant here in Indonesia coz it's very expensive specially when it become a BIG Plant.

See this baby "Gelombang Cinta" and also "Baby Jemani" they are Anthurium species family.

A couple weeks ago my franchisee who also loves plant gave me one of her lovely plant called "Pride Of Sumatera", it was aglaonema species. She was very nice. I did very exciting having that gift from her.

See this from Ibu Tanti, my franchisee...Aglaonema "Pride of Sumatera" Thank you so much Ibu Tanti.

Here are Ibu tanti's many species Aglaonema..and very beautiful...

She has these collection of Anthurium, nice...I wish my baby Jemani & also Gelombang Cinta could be grow big like this someday... :)


Barbee' said...

You have a very large collection of interesting plants. I'm wondering what you will do with all those babies.

Anonymous said...

That's a good be honest..I'm still don't know what to do. But I think..I have to start thinking now..Thank you Barbee... :)

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely collection of plants and I admire your devotion to orchids. I buy them for inside my house every few months, but would love to try to cultivate them indoors during the winter.