What's up my garden @March'08

Green Home..Green World...
At least I've already started it by my garden home..:P

Yesterday my husband took me to Gumati in Gadog Puncak, a beautiful valley view cafe with natural concept in foot mountain of west Java.

I was surprised, you know what..?? I saw many new uniek plant there....then I bought 2 plants named Pacira and Angustilobum. Nice to have them home now. See..they are so pretty...

See the Pacira

See the Angustilobum

ooh ya..another thing update from my garden home are my Bunga Terompet infront of my bedroom finally blooming , my backyard roses and other flower also blooming again..

see my terompet kuning

my other roses @ backyard

my other roses @ backyard

Let me show you my other unik plant...

see unik white bolces in the leaf.

my lovely kalanchoe colorful

This is the performance of the plant when it got sunshine, but when there is no sunshine..the leaf will close next to the other like tighting their hand together.




Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

The closing up of the leaves on the last photo sounds like a "prayer plant" but the one I've seen here has a deeper burgundy color on the underside of the leaves. The leaves come together like hands that are praying! I really like the plant with the white spots! Very different!